We’re thrilled at Snow Q – our collaborative project re-imagining Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen story along contemporary themes – to be working with photographer/video artist Wendy Pye again. For the 2020 version of Snow Q as a live literature production, we decided to make our collaborative work as portable as possible –  what better way to do this than through the medium of film!  Wendy was commissioned to make three short filmpoems in response to Maria Jastrzębska’s poetry and combining Peter Copley’s music.  These three films ran alongside and beyond the live literature performances’ February 2020 tour. We are delighted that Have you seen Kai? was shortlisted for the international Ô Bhéal Poetry Festival in Ireland 2020, while Lullaby was selected for the IAFFEST 2020 international film festival. This year Lullaby is also being screened at Helios Sun Poetry Festival in Mexico, Video Bardo/Argentina 2021, at REELpoetry/HoustonTX USA 2021 at Versi di Luce Festival in Italy!! The entire triptych was a finalist in the Deanna Tulley multi-media contest in Findlay, Ohio USA where it is published in the Slippery Elm Journal along with other finalists. So while we may have been confined by the pandemic our work is flying across many borders!!

The first of our filmpoems Lullaby also includes fine artist Dagmara Rudkin’s bird sculptures which Wendy has incorporated with her own ideas and imagery. A troubled night time song for troubled times.

The second filmpoem Have you seen Kai? includes excerpts from the not-exactly-duets between Gerda searching and Kai lost in the snow and ice. The poems are spoken in English and also Ponglish that hybrid language where Polish and English are mixed.

Our third fimpoem is Crow who speaks a multitude of languages, including Ponglish of course. Crow is a timeless being, a trickster, crone, fool and story-teller, to whom Gerda turns for help on her quest to find Kai. This filmpoem also includes Dagmara Rudkin’s animations based on her drawings of Crow.

To find out more about Wendy’s films, Maria’s poems and Peter’s music check out their various blog posts on this website.

To watch Snow Q’s filmpoems click on links below: